The capacity for silence

The capacity for silence — a deep creative awareness of one's inner truth — distinguishes us as human.

~ S. Wendy Beckett

When silence enters

When silence enters
The whole universe changes
But the birds still sing.

~ by Edith Wallace

The strength of the interior life

SILENCE is the strength and pace of the interior life.

~ Anonymous

The simplicity of willing one thing

Monks call us to the simplicity of willing one thing: in a culture intent on a high standard of living, they insist on a high standard of life. Achievement versus grace: the exposure of the emptiness of fullness for the fullness of emptiness. The heart of this subversion is in planting within a person the appetite for silence. And once planted, once one tastes silence, and listening, and stopping, and being flooded by a Depth beyond all words ... once you do nothing, say nothing, think nothing, but just let yourself BE ... if you ever let this happen, it's all over for you. From then on, everything else seems insane.
~ from A SEASON IN THE DESERT by W. Paul Jones, thanks to H. A. Hull

November 2000 (Vol. XIII, No. 10)

Heartfelt BLESSINGS OF THANKSGIVING, dear friends! As we move into a season filled with holidays and celebration, may we remember to pause each day for renewal and to feast with the Divine Guest on soul nourishment served in the Silence.

I need time to listen

I need time to listen, to examine, and to confess ... to listen for the Voice, if for no other reason that so I will recognize it more clearly in the ways it speaks into the noise and bustle of the life I lead. The silence that I seek must be nurtured until it lives in me no matter where I am at the moment. The silence I seek must be something more than the absence of the numbing noise and debilitating detail of life in our society. It must be a solitude that is transcendent, a stillness that can be found in the midst of noise, a silence that is portable.

~ from LIVING PRAYER by Robert Benson

A day filled with noise can be a day of silence

A day filled with noise and voices can be a day of silence, If the noises become for us the echo of the presence of God. When we speak of ourselves and are filled with ourselves, we leave silence behind. When we repeat the intimate words of God that are within us, our silences remain intact.

~ from POUSTINIA by Catherlne de Hueck Doherty

A quiet which pervades every particle of this world

SILENCE: an energy which extends beyond the furthest reaches of the universe — and never vanishes, a quiet which pervades every particle of this world, and glides through the blackness of the great harbor by night, and speaks differently by day. Speech is the body of silence: the word floats up from silence; it flows back into silence. The word of relationship and the quiet of the heart are inseparable — like love and the silence from which it is born, and the rest to which it returns, unceasingly.

~ from DANCING MADLY BACKWARDS by Paul Marechal

We have to work at silence

Quiet ... silence ... tranquility. Those are qualities of life seldom enjoyed today. Incorporating silence into daily living is both possible and desirable. But in order to make silence a presence rather than an absence, we have to work at it. The effort can result in greater introspection, spiritual sensitivity and creativity. No matter how busy life becomes, anyone can discover occasions each month, each week, and even each day, to create nourishing silence.

~ from "Give Yourself the Silent Treatment" by Victor M. Parachin with thanks to Charlotte Miller
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