Prayer as a simple trust in that presence

There was simply silence. And in that silence, as I gazed up at the sunlight sparkling through those high upper windows, or followed a secret tug drawing me down into my own heart, I began to know a prayer much deeper than "talking to God."

"Somewhere in those depths of silence I came upon my first experiences of God as a loving presence that was always near, and prayer as a simple trust in that presence.


When we pray least

We pray least when we say most.

~ St. Augustine

Dear Pray-er

Dear Pray-er,
A soul not nourished by prayer is like
a barren desert:
Pray when you work.
Pray over every problem.
Pray when you are at home,
Pray with your family.
Pray when you watch the news,
Pray over the nations, the planet.
Pray in the Silence,
Become the Prayer.

~ Anonymous

My silence communing with the silence of God

Prayer is not so much conversation with God as my silence communing with the silence of God.

~ William Shannon

The desert challenges us to travel with prayer as our best companion

The Saguaro (barrel-chested cactus), arms uplifted as though in prayer, might remind us that for countless ages its desert home has been viewed by spiritual seekers as a special prayer space. In the long history of prayer, the desert has often been seen as a holy locale where seekers can travel light and encounter spiritual realities. The desert, whether of sand or of our inner souls, challenges us to see more clearly and to travel with prayer as our best companion.

~ from ONE HUNDRED CRANES by William J. Fitzgerald

March 2005 (Vol. XVIII, No. 3)

"Is there enough Silence for the Word to be heard?"

Blessings of Spring renewal to you, dear friends! A prayer may be calling to you, silently budding in the sacred temple of your innermost being, a fragile prayer for you to nurture into birth, response, and action. Blessed are you who listen to the soul-songs waiting to be sung in your heart.

Born for prayer

We were born for inspiration, sweet melodies, and prayers.

~ Pushkin

The seed of prayer is sown in heaven

The seed of prayer is sown in heaven.
It pushes its stem toward the earth
and comes to grow there.
It produces an abundance of fruit.
Then, as it becomes seed once more,
it thrusts its way back to heaven.

~ Jukichi Yagi

Set on fire by the Spirit

To pray is to open oneself to the possibility of becoming set on fire by the Spirit.

~ Anonymous

The whole world is a prayer mat

For those who have come to know God,
the whole world is a prayer mat.

~ Bawa M.
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