We live in wisdom who see ourselves in all and all in us

As we walked in silence a passage from the Bhagavad Gita came to me:  "We live in wisdom who see ourselves in all and all in us.  We are forever free who have broken out of the ego cage of 'I and mine.' "  The Bhagavad Gita described a voice within all of us that tells us each the same thing: what we want is not money, fame, or material possessions, but a world of peace, hearts filled with love, and an earth where the air and water are clean, the environment healthy.  We want to rid ourselves of those unwanted habits and negative thoughts that prohibit us from living in peace with ourselves, the environment and our neighbor.

~ from SHAPE SHIFTING by John Perkins

Going to the Deep Ground that underlies all things

A circle of trees . . . I felt I was bringing the journey home to the ordinary dimensions of my life, rooting it in the place I lived every day.  I lay back on the earth and looked up through the branches of an oak, feeling suddenly like the sun was my own heart pulsing up there with light.  Wind swirled, and it seemed to me it was my own breath billowing through the branches.  The crocus bulbs were buried in my tissue, the cedars growing from my body.  The birds flew inside me.  Stones sat along my bones . . . a jubilant, stunning loss of boundary, a deeper sense of oneness than I’d ever felt.

I knew that I was part of one vast, universal quilt; I knew that this quilt was itself, the Holy Thing, the manifestation of the Divine One.  And I loved this universal quilt, every stitch, color, and fiber, with a heartbreaking love.  It was one clear moment in time, like going to the Deep Ground that underlies all things and seeing, really seeing, what is and being pierced by the unbounded nature of it.


April 2010 (Vol. XXIII, No. 4)

"Is there enough Silence for the Word to be heard?"

Springtime Greetings, dear friends! Although at a casual glance the landscape may still look a bit barren, we know things are stirring and soon we will see signs of new growth. That welcome first sighting of green grass...the earliest tiny spring flowers, sometimes peeping through a lingering snow...a little more light each day...fat buds popping out on the trees -- all these signs tell us that much has been gestating in darkness, deep within the earth, unseen during the bleak winter days. And what of the depths within our human souls? Like our earth, we, too, have fallow times when it may seem nothing is happening; but something, some new insight or idea, the seed of a new awareness may be trying to break through into consciousness. In the silence, let us tend our own inner gardens, that we may find springtime signs of new life within ourselves: blessing to us and our world.

Springtime in your soul

Spring is a youthful season coming forth in a rush of life and promise, hope and possibility. At the heart of spring, there is a great inner longing when desire and memory stir toward each other. Consequently, springtime in your soul is a wonderful time to undertake some new adventures, some new project, or to make some important changes in your life; there the rhythm, the energy, and the hidden light of your own clay work with you. You are in the flow of your own growth and potential.

~ from ANAM CARA by John O'Donohue

The tiny petal of a tiny flower

The tiny petal
of a tiny flower
that grew from a tiny pod . . .

Is the miracle
and the mystery
of all creation and God!

~ Helen Steiner Rice, with thanks to Martina Roach

The whole of Creation is but one sacred temple

The whole of Creation is but one sacred temple of the One who created it.

~ Gregory of Nyssa

One's relationship to nature

One's relationship to nature is a deeply personal experience. To some it's best represented by a walk in the park, or along the river, or under a summer night's sky. To others it reaches its pinnacle in the study of a smell, a sound, the sight of a bird's egg, a gray whale, or lodgepole pine. And while all of nature is laid out before us to appreciate, not all is understood, known, or even knowable. But about human nature we do know at least one thing, which is that it embodies an irrepressible and infinite ability to create, to express, to give, and to share.

~ Al Gore in THE NATURE OF NATURE by William H. Shore

All around me the precious quiet of evening

All around me the precious quiet of evening and the pungent smell of hay in the air. Above me the starry sky. Such a sweet inner peace fills me and gently takes possession of every fiber of my whole being and existence. And one surrenders to her, great Mother Nature, fully and completely and without reservation, and says with open arms, "Take me."

~ Paula Worpswede in DEAR FRIEND by Eric Torgersen

The old tree of eternal creative life lives with an open heart

The old tree of eternal creative life lives with an open heart, very deep roots, and many branches waiting to transform into new life.

~ Richard W. Bachtold

Nature invites us constantly to be what we are

Everything in nature invites us constantly to be what we are.

~ Gretel Ehrlich, The Solace of Open Spaces
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