The silence in the giant redwood forest near my home draws me

The silence in the giant redwood forest near my home draws me. Many mornings I get up early and dress hurriedly to get to the woods before the tour buses and the cars arriving with people from all over the world come to marvel at the majesty of nature. At eight in the morning, the great trees stand rooted in silence so absolute that one's inmost self comes to rest. An aged silence. The grandmother of silences. I find the silence even more remarkable than the trees.

~ from KITCHEN TABLE WISDOM by Rachel Naomi Remen

How the elder loved nature

How the elder loved nature! He loved it in three different ways: as angels, children, and sages love it. When he walked through the forest with us, we felt the power of his prayers. It was as though ranks of angels surrounded us. The elder said very little in the midst of nature, but if he did say something, then it was with such child-like joy and simplicity that his earthly age disappeared. Nature for the elder was a book of the holy revelations of God.

~ from AN EARLY SOVIET SAINT trans. by Jane Ellis

Gardens are spaces of inhabiting

Gardens are spaces of inhabiting in which we are entrusted with the very continuity of life itself. Our job is not to oversee or control, but to plant, prune, water, feed and encourage growth. We either make of the garden a verdant refreshing oasis or a desert, stripped of nutrients and barren of new life.

Peacemaking is a call that has been discerned when our garden's ripeness shows that we have learned that we inhabit one great garden, our earth, when we have learned that we are but one interwoven fabric of created life charged with mutual and tender cultivation by the One who gave and gives us life.

~ from SACRED DWELLING by Wendy Wright

Every creature a book

Every creature is a book about God.
~ Meister Eckhart

April 1998 (Vol. XI, No. 4)

SPRING BLESSINGS! As the lengthening rays of sunlight warm the earth, new growth emerges, huds begin to open and bulbs burst into flower. May we pause in the Silence to see, to touch, to smell, to listen and enjoy the hope of a new Spring.

All life is a form of cosmic celebration

All life is a form of cosmic celebration. What moves the stars through the heavens, the Earth through its seasons, and human beings through stages of growth and learning -- all is celebration. Look at the birds flying here and there, the flowers blooming, and the trees changing colors in the fall. It's all celebratory. We have only to express and become, ourselves, celebration.

~ Thomas Berry in "New Age Journal" - 1990

The earth is languishing for more contemplatives

The earth is languishing for more contemplatives. We have not even been courteous to her, much less respectful. We have never sincerely asked forgiveness for our massive exploitation of her. We have failed to see that she is numinous and to treat her with proper deference as our mother. It is time now for the child to mother the mother. Nothing less than a mysticism that can perceive the diaphany of the divine at the heart of matter itself is capable of experiencing mystical union with nature. Even if we have not had a vivid mystical experience, we can learn in prayer to meditate on what the union could imply.


Movement stands still

In the mountain, stillness surges up
to explore its own height;
In the lake, movement stands still
to contemplate its own depths.

~ "Fireflies" by Rabindranath Tagore

The universe reverberates

The universe reverberates with the grandeur of Divine Love. Receive it!
~ Nan Merrill

Sacred dance expresses spiritual convictions

Sacred dance expresses spiritual convictions. Dancing is the "breath of life" made visible. I feel I will dance as long as my heart stays strong and my body will move. We dance these ceremonies for the people, for our universe, for peace, love, and caring. We step softly on the earth, lifting our feet to the song and the drum. We do it to be blessed. We ask for the people to be blessed. We ask that life go on as long as it can. We ask that the animals, birds and plants be bountiful. Ceremony constitutes our world; it is our spiritual conversation. Life begets life. This is why we dance.

~ from SWEETWATER WISDOM by Wendy Crockett
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