Sacred hart in the blackening wilderness

Sacred hart in the blackening wilderness
stately deer, gracefully bounding,
holy vision of the Eternal Heart;
countless, unending blood memories,
surge like gold through your rhythmic veins,
ancient paths stir the soul's journey.
Sleeping titans stand on the edge,
disregarding the dark, grasping webs of life,
or silver antlers shining with white wisdom,
of pulsating pearls of poetry flowing
from open eyes of song,
as the saintly sculpture disappears
from its vanishing home into
a dying paradise.

~ from Sacred Poems by Richard W. Bachtold

Forests and fields all speak the same language

Forests and fields, sun and wind and sky, earth and water, all speak the same language: peace, solitude, silence.

~ Thomas Merton

This was happiness: sitting in a tree

A week of silence had tipped the balance from the desire for external rewards to the intrinsic value of being. I passed the oak I'd sat on the day before. This was happiness: witting in a tree. Lying in the grass. Feeling the fog or the sunshine touching my skin. Watching a hawk circle. All anbition and seeking had fallen away. Even my desire to cling to the sensations of the moment had dissolved. I only wanted to live my life while it was happening, not enmeshed in the past of all that lives.

~ from SITTING STILL by Patricia Hart Clifford

How wonderful and precious are all God's creatures

The unique saga of the whooping crane's struggle to survive as a species reminds us of how wonderful and precious are all God's creatures. In its fragility and its numinosity the whooper provides a needed symbol for a spirituality of creation that rekindles human reverence for the mysterious presence of God dwelling deep down within the beauty and splendor of all that lives.

~ from ONE HUNDRED CRANES by William J. Fitzgerald

May the harmony of sky and water

May the harmony of sky and water,
leaf and rock,
Nourish the creation and growth
of your inner being.

~ The Wayfarer's Chapel

Your heart is a seed

Your heart is a seed.
Go. Plant it in the world.

~ Sue Monk Kidd

We can restore the earth

The separate parts of humanity are coming together to form a whole that is greater than and unpredictable from the sum of its parts. Synergy feels like love, loving one another as ourselves. We are, in fact, one body! Our capacities as a whole are infinitely greater than we we are separate tribes and nations. Once our consciousness shifts from feeling separated to knowing that we are all members of one body, our vast technological genius begins to serve the growth of ourselves as one planet. And that consciousness shift an happen in the twinkling of an eye. Once our consciousness shifts collectively, we can restore the Earth, we can feed all peoples, we can emancipate unique potential We can!

~ from THE REVELATION by Barbara M. Hubbard

April 2000 (Vol. XIII, No. 4)

SPRING BLESSINGS: season of new growth! The miracle of the world around us is an endless source of spiritual nourishment for those who are truly aware. What if our sole purpose, our soul purpose, our basic goal, is simply to be gardeners of the planet iin praise of diversity! Too simple! something to ponder in the silence of our hearts.

New love to the world

We are here because Love recognizes our value and knows what we can become, what we can give, what we can do that will bring new life, new vision, new spirit, new love to the world. The call in the lives of each of us is the call to treasure and value and love one another and all the other creatures and things of the Earth. It is the call to acknowledge and to act from that knowledge that each person is just as valued and just as loved as the next, and all are invited to participate in the communion of that love.
~ from THE CALL by David Spangler

Bird trust

When I had my breakfast I would leave the door open in the summer and the birds would come right inside and pick up the crumbs around my feet. They had no fear of me at all. These birds also brought their families when ready. I later found out that this bird trust was because of my silence. Once I spoke to them, all went like the wind, and I praised God for such trust. Providing I remained silent they had no fear of me and I learned a great deal about their ways.

~ from WIND ON THE SAND by Pinions
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