The grace of music

What can soothe the soul as much as the grace of music? Music allows us to express and deal with our feelings constructively, lifting them to a new place, a new level of integration. The enchantment of music helps free the soul to sing, and its energy becomes an infectious catalyst to change. On the wings of a beautiful melody, suddenly we feel different, ready to move forward.

~ from RISE UP WITH A LISTENING HEART by the Monks of New Skete

Singing a song of praise for the wonder of the day as I was accursing

By now, every thermometer I have has burst at temperatures over 130 degrees. The abbot of the monastery suggested I make a journey up to a cave in the mountains with an elderly monk as guide. We had to walk barefoot as we were walking on holy ground. Under my breath I muttered and grumbled. The monk was well aware of me, and as I began to listen to what he was murmuring, I discovered it was melodic. He was actually singing a song of praise for the wonder and beauty of the day as I was accursing!

~ from JOURNEY BACK TO EDEN by Mark Gruber

Each place has its own song

On a sould discovery journey in the desert, our group included Miguel Gruntlein, who had studied the Peruvian flute. Early each morning I would hear Miguel somehwere near the camp playing the most serene song to gree the dawn with the same haunting tune; as we moved camp, the tune changed. When asked, Miguel said he was playing the songs of the canyon. Each place has its own song and reflects a unique facet of his soul that comes alive in the particular wild place he visits, a conversation between Miguel and the wild.

~ from "EarthLight" #49 by Bill Plotkin

The world is created by music

Become more and more acquainted with your body on all its subtle levels, the fine vibrations which really are music, because when we talk of things created, they are only vibrations, nothing else, energy in movement and matter. In poetic language we can say the world is created by music. As we are the world, the universe, all the music of the universe is in our body.

~ Jean Klein thanks to Liz Stewart

O music, in your depths we deposit our hearts

O music, in your depths we deposit our hearts and souls. Thou hast taught us to see with our ears and hear with our hearts.

~ Khalil Gibran

Silence is more musical

Silence is more musical than any song.

~ Christina Rossetti

Everything is in vibratory relationship with everything else

The voice of the solar wind -- aptly named "chorus" -- is both ethereal and haunting. You can hear echoes of crickets and snatches of whole song in this celestial starry music that bathes our planet. Everything is in vibratory relationship with everything else.

From the "strings" to the fluctuating pulses of cosmic radiationb that attend the expansion of the universe, there is a song that sounds through the fabric of our physical universe. The music of life is heard everywhere. It is we who fail to hear the music.

~ from NAVIGATING THE TIDES OF CHANGE by David La Chapelle

June 2004 (Vol. XVII, No. 6)

When all the strings of my life will be tuned,
then at every touch of Yours will come out
the music of love.

"Is there enough Silence for the Word to be heard?"

The music of our hearts and souls reflects our inner being -- for are we not the singer, the singing, and the song of our lives?  In the silence, we can listen to our unique melody -- the words and thones that arise, the harmonies and discords.  Perhaps we are ready to sing a new song. Perhaps we dance to the rhythm of our heart with delight. Note: the silences within our life's symphony make all the differences!

The songs of mother Earth

When we surround ourselves with sounds of nature, we are soothed and healed, comforted by the songs of our mother, the Earth.  And who is there to sing back to the Earth?

~ Ani Williams

Music touches something higher in us

Symphonies aim at healing the soul by taking human emotions and concerns and, through the alchemy of art, make us somehow feel better about all of life--and us.  Music touches something higher in us directly.  All of the arts touch something that is beyond the ordinary machinations of life.  And this "something higher and more" makes even the most homespun art somehow therapeutic.

~ from WALKING IN THIS WORLD by Julia Cameron
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