Love like a mighty spring

There is love like a small lamp, which goes out when the oil is consumed; or like a stream which dries up when it doesn't rain. But there is a love like a mighty spring gushing up out of the earth; it keeps flowing forever, and is inexhaustible . . .

~ by Isaac of Nineveh

Love is an endless mystery

Love is an endless mystery, for it has nothing else to explain it.

~ by Rabindranath Tagore

It is the nature of love to flow

No separation between God and humans . . . a complete, mutual indwelling: I am in God, God is in you, you are in God, we are in each other. "I am the vine; you are the branches. Abide in me as I in you." . . . There is no separation between humans and God because of this mutual interabiding which expresses the indivisible reality of divine love. We flow into God--and Go into us--because it is the nature of love to flow. . . . The whole and the part live together in mutual, loving reciprocity, each belonging to the other and dependent on the other to show forth the fullness of love.

~ from THE WISDOM JESUS by Cynthia Bourgeault

February 2010 (Vol. XXIII, No. 2)

Warm greetings, dear friends, on a cold winter's day!  The sun sparkles on a field of snow, dazzling us with a sudden awareness of the miracles Love wrought in creating our beautiful world.  Perhaps one of the greatest of these miracles is that a spark of the Great Love also exists in every one of us.  The seeds of Love are planted in our hearts that we may blanket the world with fields of love.  We have only to open our hearts to enable that love to grow and bloom and spread across our world.  Look deeply into your own heart as you sit within the silence . . . find the love there, and as the husk falls away from the seed, allowing it to grow and bloom, allow any hardness of heart to dissolve into the flame of Love.  Love can change the world!

Our whole being is connected with the Love of God

We must suppose that we go deep within ourselves, deeper and deeper into our most hidden self. There in our innermost being, in the very core of ourselves, we will find a place where there is peace, stillness, and above all, love.

After having found the place, we must imagine that we are seated there, immersed into, surrounded by the Love of God. We are in deepest peace . . . All of us is there, physical body and all; nothing is outside, not even a fingertip, not even the tiniest hair. Our whole being is connected with the Love of God.

Nothing will remain.

~ from DAUGHTER OF FIRE by Irina Tweedie

Love is a direction

To love is not a state; it is a direction.

~ by Simone Weil

Bind me close with cords of love

Our lives are interwoven; use me as You will.
We are bound together, in You I am strong.
Every strand of my life is filled with Your presence.
In Your hands my life has purpose and meaning.
Bind me close with cords of love.

~ from THE GLORY OF LIGHT by David Adam

Love's direction guards us

Love's direction guards us not against grief but against hardening of the heart.

~ by John Dunne

With compassion comes love

Separation, fragmentation, fear, insecurity, hostility result because we have lost touch with the continuum of life that is the Source of all creation. When we are there we realize that the self is no other than this unity, and this unity is no other than the self. With this realization comes compassion. With compassion comes love, and with love comes peace . . . When love rises in us, it will rise in the world as a whole. A new reality will be apparent that is laid on the foundation of health, happiness, and personal freedom.

~ from RETURN OF THE RISHI by Deepak Chopra

We live to give God glory by loving the world

The glory of God is every creature fully alive and, therefore,
we live to give God glory by loving the world
and everything in it.

~ by Sallie McFague
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