God truly wishes all to eat and drink deeply of Infinite Love

God truly wishes all to eat and drink deeply of Infinite Love. Alas, how few seek ardently and perseveringly to move beyond desiring only the things of this world that cannot satisfy the burning longing that has been placed in all human hearts to possess God's everlasting Love! ... It is possible for the contemplative to become so centered in the heart with the presence of the indwelling Christ that the thought and presence of the Beloved are always somewhere close to waking consciousness, even in sleep. Christ is operating, even in sleep, in dreams and in delicate movements of the heart, so that it can be said that such a contemplative never loses awareness of Love's presence, never stops "listening" to Love's voice.

~ from SINGERS OF THE NEW SONG by George A. Maloney

Love doesn't come from a greeting card

Oh how our values fail us!
Beauty doesn't come from a package.
It shines as a whole.
Love doesn't come from a greeting card.
It dwells in the heart, radiating the soul.

~ Basilla E. Neilan

Love is not about acquiring

Love is not about acquiring, it is about letting go.
~ Unknown

May the light of love be shining

May the light of love be shining
deep within your spirit
May the torch of mercy clear the path
and show the way
May the horn of plenty sound
so everyone can hear it
May the light of love be with you every day.

~ Anne Hills

God is breathing through us

God is breathing through us in ways we have yet to discover.
~ Unknown

Love which must give unity to what is divided

... the affairs of the world, like those of the stars, are in God's hands -- and therefore in good hands. And yet it is so difficult to have genuine faith in God's action in the affairs of the world. And so, the poor life of our soul goes on, in the light of unreal faith and sentimentalism. Halfway between God and the world there is a confusion of aspirations, contradictions and compromises.

~ from LETTERS FROM THE DESERT by Carlo Carretto

Oh, Lord of the Light

Oh, Lord of the Light,
Lord of the Shining Worlds,
the One Light.
within each One...
the One Light moving
across the face of the Earth...

Awakens souls
in the shadow of illusion,
Awaken love
and forgiveness
in every heart,
Awaken Peace on Earth...

~ Source Unknown

A heart which has burned itself empty

It is the task of the teacher to set the heart aflame with an unquenchable fire of longing ... and, to keep it burning until it is reduced to ashes. For only a heart which has burned itself empty is capable of love.

~ from THE CHASM OF FIRE by Irina Tweedie

The inextinguishable light

The saints speak of something they call the inextinguishable light. It is a light not of the eye but of the heart that never ceases to walk in purity and clearness. It swiftly leaves the darkness behind, and constantly strives towards the day's height. Its constant quality is to be continually purified. This is the light of eternity that can never go out, and that shines through the veil of time and matter. The saints never say that this light is given to them, but that it is given only to those who have purified their hearts in love for the Lord, on the narrow way which they have freely chosen.

~ from THE WAY OF THE ASCETICS by Tito Colliander
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