Caring for our own being

We human beings are here to help each other, to support each other, to love each other. We cannot be fully human if we are isolated and alone. But to share our love, always we must first love ourselves. It may sound simple, but to live by this principle is at times not easy. Just the same, if we forget to care for our own being, then how can we ever hope to assist others? Only when we come from our own living center can we give our greatest gift to the world.


Sow there seeds of love

Who longs for peace must first clear any battlefield within the heart, then sow there seeds of love.

~ Mildred N. Hayer

Love is nothing without truth


I think we really understood, for the first time, how different our lives -- and the world -- would be if we could all operate out of a state of truth and love. Within a loving context it becomes safe to reveal one's own truth. In retrospect we could see that suppressing truth limited our ability to love one another. And when we limit our truth, we limit our lives.

~ from A CHILD OF ETERNITY by Adriana Rocha and Kristi Jorde

Incomprehensible love

Creation may be seen as a continuing, dynamic process guided by incomprehensible LOVE.

~ Charles Cummings


is a little child asleep,
a clear, calm sky,
the softly falling snow;
the space between all heartbeats
in which love
reminds the anxious heart:
"Be still and know."

~ R.H. Grenville

February 1996 (Vol. IX, No. 2)

May blessings of Love be with you, dear friends! As our hearts are emptied, we are more and more capable of love. Oh, that we would enter into the unquenchable Fire of longing and truly live! Let LOVE inrease on earth and let it begin with each one of us.

Divine Communion begins when you love

Divine Communion begins when YOU love. Then not only are you connected to love, but you are love. The way by which we commune with God is by being love.

~ Franklin Albert Jones

What is my deepest desire?

There is a desire beneath all surface desire. It is this primary desire that you must uncover and fulfill. When in deepest silence, ask yourself: what is my deepest desire? You will inevitably discover one answer, and one alone. Your deepest desire is to unite your will with God's will. Your deepest desire is union with God... Your deepest desire is to be a co-creator in the image of God. No other desire will fulfill your potential. All other desires are symptoms of the fundamental desire for union with God.

~ from THE REVELATION: OUR CRISIS IS A BIRTH by Barbara Marx Hubbard

When I first began to enter the Silence

When I first began to enter the Silence, it felt like an alien atmosphere filled with menacing voices, capricious thoughts, uncomfortable feelings. But as the days and weeks passed, the Silence became a welcoming friend, a presence like the warmth of a fire in which I encountered the Divine Lover of my soul and experienced my Self as God's Beloved.

~ Linda Douty

If you want to live

If you want to live, die in Love.
~ Rumi
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