Love knows no limits

Resurrection is to engage at the core of the Heart of existence and the Love that knows no limits. It is to encounter and surrender to That which is forever seeking us, and from this to conceive the Godseed. Resurrection presumes a void that precedes it, an emptying of our existence. Being empty, we then can be filled; being unknowing, we become knowledge; being nowhere we are suddenly a citizen of the great Realm of Love.

~ from GODSEED by Jean Houston

Love makes every space sacred

LOVE makes every space sacred
and every moment meaningful...

~ Barbara De Angelis

February 1998 (Vol. XI, No. 2)

EVERY BLESSING BE YOURS, dear friends, in Love's Heart! May we each remembr to take a daily pause in the Silence to affirm that we are here "to learn to bear the beams of Love" and to beam that love out to others. Bask in the Love and become more loving ...

We are here because the Big Love recognizes our value

We are here because the Big Love recognizes our value and knows what we can become, what we can give, what we can do that will bring new life, new vision, new spirit, new love to the world. This is the primal call: to treasure and value and love one another and all the other creatures and things of the earth. It is the call to acknowledge and to act from that knowledge that each person is just as valued and just as loved as the next, and all are invited to participate in the communion of that love.

~ from THE CALL by David Spangler

Compassionate relationships

In order to have compassionate relationships, compassionate communication and compassionate social action, there has to be a fundamental change of attitude... The basis of any real kind of compassionate action is the insight that the others who seem to be out there are some kind of mirror image of ourselves. By hurting others, you hurt yourself. By making friends with yourself, you make friends with others.

~ from START WHERE YOU ARE by Pema Chodron thanks to Lisa Merrill

Where love reigns

Where love reigns, there is no will to power; and where the will to power is paramount, love is lacking. The one is but the shadow of the other.

~ Carl Gustav Jung

As you grow in Being

As you grow in Being, innocence flowers on its own. The love that accepts everything is one day found in your own heart.

~ Deepak Chopra

We are born to love

We are born to love as much as we are born to breathe.

~ J.D. Freeman

God is love, and God is my life

God is love, and God is my life. Divine love, as me, continually gives of itself in sacred relationship. As I keep open the door of my heart and behold the face of God as everyone I meet, true friends abound in my life. With divine insight and a compassionate heart, I witness the sacred reality of each friend. I am grateful for God's love as my life.

~ thanks to Jim Merritt

The crucible of Divine Love

It is not through the way in which someone speaks about God that I can see whether that person has passed through the crucible of Divine Love, but through the way the person speaks to me about things here on earth.

~ Simone Weil
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