The roots of love

We live in a wounded and wounding culture. But each of our hearts, though torn, is greater than its chambers. The roots of love and reverence are deep within Creation which gives us the capacities to change human consciousness, hear the heart, and deepen the soul.

~ from THROUGH THE MOONS OF AUTUMN by Carolyn McDade

Lovers always have the sense of something given

Lovers always have the sense of something given. They cannot find in themselves an adequate explanation for all that they feel and understand. In the intimate giving and receiving of their love, they not only reveal and discover their own truest selves, but come face to face with the mystery of God. The very acceptance and enjoyment of the gift they have received brings them into the presence of the Giver.

~ from THE EMPIRE OF THE HEART by John F. X. Harriott

For five minutes he could not speak

As Dom Helder started to speak about the poor, he choked up and could not continue. The bags under his eyes filled up like fountains and the tears ran down his wrinkled face. For five minutes he could not speak. His mouth twitched every now and then, and we hoped he might be able to continue. We waited in rapt attention for him to express what he was trying to say, but he could not. The memory of the destitute and the realization of their desperate plight left him with just one response: tears.

~ from INVITATION TO LOVE by Thomas Keating

What is the greatest kind of Love?

What is the greatest kind of love?
Great Love
does not flow with just tears.
Rather, it burns in the great Fire of Heaven.
In this Fire
it flows and flows swiftly
yet all the while
it remains in itself
in a very great stillness.

~ Mechtild of Magdeburg

The key is in your hand

The choice to love is
the Mother of everything.

There is a path
Which leads to a gate
That needs a key.

The path is understanding
The gate is Love
The key is in your hand.

~ Juliette Hollister, The Temple of Understanding

Love is a river

Love is a river
Drink from it ...
~ Rumi

Love is the glue that keeps the universe together

Living beings, upon attaining a threshold level of self-awareness, begin to yearn to reunite with their Source. The weird thing is that these living beings initially seem unaware they are literally made up of the substance of the Source. Thus, they do not seem to understand it is as impossible to fear God as it is to fear oneself. Yet the evolution of living sentient beings is eventually defined in terms of the beings' ability to discover this relationship between the original God Source and their own selves. Once this happens, the dominant theme of existence is love. One can love oneself, and all others, because one sees that all of everything is created from the same fabric ... Love is the theme of God, the glue that keeps the universe together.

~ from COSMIC VOYAGE by Courtney Brown

The language of self-surrendering love

Silence admits of many degrees ... but the greatest silence is that of our spirit with God's Spirit: Heart speaks to heart in silence, the language of self-surrendering love.

~ from ALONE WITH THE ALONE by George Maloney

An awareness of your utter belovedness

If we don't know in the depths of our being that God calls us "beloved," we need to. And if we do know it, and it hasn't set us on fire, then we don't know it well enough. Take time daily to be alone and silent before God. And an awareness of your utter belovedness will become a reality for you.

~ Jan Orel

God's love must always start in someone's human heart

There is no reign of love that comes down from above;
God's love must always start in someone's human heart.

~ James Dillet Freeman
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