Compassion is an awareness that you become

Compassion is an awareness that you become, rather than something that you do on occasion.

~ Gregg Braden

I had begun to believe that no one would ever love me again

My dear, for the last ten years Arletta has been coming to see me every Thursday, and when he can't come, he stops in to tell me. We're old friends. I think he likes to talk with me. Do you know, when he found me, I couldn't even walk? Some of my toenaíls were at least three inches long. He came back with fríends. They heated water, cut my toenalls, and rubbed my feet. Look, over there is the basin, all polished and shiny. Do you know hím very well? I wonder what he sees in me. I had begun to believe that no one would ever love me again.

~ from ETERNITY, My BELOVED by Jean Sulivan

Love, the root of life

Pure Love is seeking desire, searching through space, through the air, through the ground, seeking fulfillment. On and on it goes until at last awakening in Itself, It finds Its foundation in the heart... God's Love is the One Flood that never recedes, but rises, rises, covering the universe, covering every living atom. The lowest and highest join in one overwhelming desire to give all to Divine Love: Love fulfilling, feeding', giving, opening in every direction — giving without beginning or end; Love, the root of Life.

~ from THE ANGEL OF THE PRESENCE by Elise N. Morgan

Love has to go through darkness and pain

Love has to go through darkness and pain and endurance and a stark acceptance before it can come out into the far light of the sun.

~ from THE OTHER SIDE OF THE SUN by Madeleine L'Engle

When someone has compassion on us

When someone has compassion on us, we find ourselves really seen, heard, attended to. If someone's attention is genuinely compassionate, it does not stop at attentiveness: he or she is willing to speak, act, or even suffer with us and for us. It is in such passivity, as we receive their compassion, that the most powerful dynamics of our own feeling and activity are shaped. Amazed gratitude for such compassion can last a lifetime.

~ from THE SHAPE OF LIVING by David F. Ford

May the Holy One preserve in me a burning love

May the Holy One preserve in me a burning love for the world and a great gentleness.

~ Teilhard de Chardin

Reflection of One Love

All loves are but the reflection of One Love and ultimately lead to that love.

~ Anonymous

To affirm and sustain the seed in another human being

This is one of the things that love is called upon to do:

To affirm and sustain the seed in another human being even though no tangible evidence has been given of the nature and quality of the seed that is growing there. Love depends upon the capacity to reach beneath the surface of persons, to feel and touch the seed of life that is hidden there. And love becomes a power when it is capable of evoking that seed and drawing it forth from its hiding place.

~ from THE SYMBOLIC AND THE REAL by Ira Progoff

February 2000 (Vol. XIII, No. 2)

May BLESSINGS OF RADICAL LOVE be yours, dear friends. As we learn to abide in Love, our sharing within ourselves and with others will become deepening communion with the Source of all Love. In the Silene we open our hearts to Love.

The belief system of love

When we adhere to the belief system of love, and have thoughts only of God, we begin to understand why our true identities are ultimately found in our love rather than in our bodies. We are each the essence of love. Peace and happiness are at the center of the heart of love. There is a complete absence of fear and guilt, and there is diminishing pain and misery; there are only loving and forgiving thoughts. Within this belief system, love and life are eternal.

~ ~ from OUT OF DARKNESS INTO THE LIGHT by Gerald Jampolsky
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