Winding down a path unknown

Winding down a path unknown
With souls entwined together
Staying in the dark recesses of the
underworld, waiting patiently
Until that which has been forgotten
Can be remembered
And once remembered, can be healed.

~from DANCING BETWEEN TWO WORLDS by Margaret Smerlinski

The fruit of personal suffering is a more compassionate heart

In living with the mystery, we realize that recognizing our wounds is a prerequisite for recognizing and embracing the wounds of another. The fruit of personal suffering is a more compassionate heart....When this important first step is taken, when each of us tears away the bandages and takes the risk to allow our wounds to breathe, we begin to conspire together for the healing of our world.


Great strength exists in the smallest things

Great strength exists in the smallest things... Love can be a mere glance, a brief word, a silent touch. But it reaches past time and space and mere existence. Prayer, short, deep—a word from the depth of heart and spirit can work miracles and change a whole world.

~ from A CHEROKEE FEAST OF DAYS by Joyce Sequiche Hifler

The skin of deeply spiritual persons

The skin of deeply spiritual persons
is not a dividing membrane
that separates them from the world—
a connecting membrane,
a permeable membrane,
through which
events of the world and
events of their inner life
flow into one another.

~ from TOWARD A GLOBAL SPIRITUALITY by Patricia Mische

Real and illuminating redeeming Love

Think of the high noon of summer, or of the stillness of a snow-covered country, how the heat or lightness everywhere gives an intense sense of overflowing and abounding life, making a quietness of rapture rather than fear. Such, only of a deeper and far more intimate kind, is the atmosphere of waiting souls...Gradually, as mind, soul and even body grow still, sinking deeper and deeper into the life of God, the pettiness, the tangles, the failures of the outer life begin to be seen in their true proportions, and the sense of the divine infilling, uplifting, redeeming Love becomes real and illuminating.

~ from THE COMMUNION OF LIFE by Joan Mary Fry

Look deeply into your disappointments

The polestar that will guide you into a more loving future is already shining bright in the night sky of your soul. But to see it, you must accustom your eyes to the fertile darkness you have tried to avoid. Look deeply into your disappointments, examine your heartache, interrogate your longing, probe your loneliness, meditate honestly on the elements of love of which you are still ignorant, and you will discover that the void within you is already filled with the desire for fulfillment. Your yearning itself is an internal guidance system that is moving you to become a lover.

~ from TO LOVE AND BE LOVED by Sam Keen

Kindness to ourselves

We are all in this together. So when you realize that you're talking to yourself, label it "thinking" and notice your tone of voice. Let it be compassionate and gentle and humorous. Then you'll be changing old stuck patterns that are shared by the whole human race. Compassion for others begins with kindness to ourselves.
~ Pema Chodron

A healthy sense of self-love

While all major religions rightly expect people to help others in need, paradoxically the real refreshing, and mysterious challenge of spiritual life is not primarily to give love, but to receive it. For when our hearts are alive with love, we can, and do, spontaneously share with a sense of mitzvah (giving and expecting nothing in return)... With a healthy sense of self-love, the call from God to love others as we love ourselves is transformed from an exterior command into a powerful interior attitude of hope that can lead to true compassion, sound friendship, and effective social action.

~ from TOUCHING THE HOLY by Robert J. Wicks

The moonlight also leaks between the roof planks

Although the wind
blows terribly here,
the moonlight also leaks
between the roof planks
of this ruined house.

~ Izumi Shikibu, "Although the wind ... ," translated by Jane Hirshfield and Mariko Aratani, from THE INK DARK MOON.

The conclusion is always the same

The conclusion is always the same:
love is the most powerful
and still the most unknown
energy of the world.

~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
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