Conversation was never begun at once, nor in a hurried manner

Conversation was never begun at once, nor in a hurried manner. No one was quick with a question, no matter how important, and no one was pressed for an answer. A pause giving time for thought was the truly courteous way of beginning and conducting a conversation. Silence was meaningful with the Lakota, and their granting a space of silence to the speech-makers and their own moment of silence before talking was done in the practice of true politeness, listening, and regard for the rule, "thought comes before speech."

~ from NATIVE AMERICAN WISDOM by Luther Standing Bear

Tonight's rain is a tenderness

Tonight's rain is a tenderness. I can guess from walking in it, touching it; but now I think I know its other dimension, can almost "hear" its sound, tonight close to silence.
~ from LISTENING: Ways of Hearing in a Silent World by Hannah Merker

Looking and listening lead into everything else

Every moment is like a gift. And since it is, relax, get into the moment and do all you can to listen to it. I mean, really, really listen. Be present to the moment with everything you. It takes practice. After you've listened for a while, you start responding. You give back because you begin to see how everything is on loan — a gift from God... Try listening, looking. Looking and listening lead into everything else. Real listening means you don't project yourself into the situation. You simply are receptive, seeing things as they are, not as you might wish them to be. Listen!
~ from THE WAY OF THE DREAMCATCHER by S. T. Georgiou

Being still so that we can listen

Faith and hope lead us to want to have what we believe in and hope for. The more we want it, the more we learn to love it and want to concentrate on it. Our turning to God is made easier if we take practical steps, which include turning away from other things which attract and distract us and going apart in solitude, being still so that we can listen to God.

~ from IN THE SCHOOL OF LOVE, ed. Edith Scholl

If we listen

If we listen, we will hear. If we are quiet, the sound increases. ... And so does the Silence, And so do we.
~ from ANGEL VOICES by Karen Goldman thanks to Neta Kaye Stokely

Listening is the gateway to liberation

Listening is the gateway to liberation. Learn to listen with your whole being.

~ from BLOWING ZEN by Ray Brooks

Listening and attending to one thing at a time

To move slowly and deliberately through the world, listening and attending to one thing at a time, strikes us as radically subversive, even un-American. We cringe from the idea of relinquishing in any moment, all but one of infinite possibilities offered us by our culture. Plagued by a highly diffused attention, we give ourselves to everything lightly. This is our poverty. In saying yes to everything, we attend to nothing. One can only love what one stops to observe. "Nothing is more essential to prayer," said Evagrius, "than attentiveness."

March 2000 (Vol. XIII, No. 3)

May we all receive the BLESSINGS of a listening heart, dear friends! For, as we cultiate our heart's ear to listen deeply in the Silence, we will begin to hear inner promptings of the indwelling Divine Guest.

To listen is to become lost in God

To meditate is to become silent. In that inner quietness, you lose yourself in God's creation. You recognize the Creator in all of creation. ...To meditate is to keep on listening, listening, listening to God. To listen is to become lost in God, sensing God everywhere. To be silent is a form of being in love with God, and so is weeping in total surrender into immense love and longing for God.


Listening and hearing

There is a very important distinction to be made between listening and hearing. Sometimes we listen to things, but we never hear them. True listening brings us in touch even with that which is unsaid and unsayable. Sometimes the most important thresholds of mystery are places of silence. To be genuinely spiritual is to have great respect for the possibilities and presence of silence. ...When you listen with your soul, you come into rhythm and unity with the music of the universe.

~ From ANAM CARA by John O'Donohue
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