Now is the earth most still.
No plows break the bare and frozen ground.
No creature stirs from its earthbound
burrow, tunnel, nest.
Matter is quiet.
Its clamor
hushed, we hear the rising of the star,
the morning light,
the seed within itself unfolding,
glowing, growing.
All is quiet and the earth most still.

~ "Listening" by Annabel Keely

A dangerous listener

Being prophetic means, first and foremost, being a dangerous listener.
~ Robert J. Wicks

Compassionate listening

The fundamental premise of compassionate listening is that every party to a conflict is suffering, that every act of violence comes from an unhealed wound. And that our job as peacemakers is to hear the grievance of all parties and find ways to tell each side about the humanity and suffering of the other. We learn to listen with our "spiritual ear," to discern and acknowledge the partial truth in everyone—particularly those with whom we disagree. We learn to stretch our capacity to be present to another's pain.

~ from "Just Listen" by Leah Green in "Yes!", Winter, 2002

March 2007 (Vol. XX, No. 3)

"Is there enough Silence for the Word to be heard?"

Spring greetings, dear friends!May the March winds blow many blessings into your lives! LISTEN in the Silence to a new world Awakening. With so much negativity seeming to cover our Earth home, it's all too easy for us to become discouraged or apathetic. We may not notice millions of our sisters and brothers around the globe who are in harmony with our aspirations and intentions to "peace the world" together. Light workers are networking ... peace and prayer groups are extending love, forgiveness, and hope ... and, notwithstanding the myriad outward news in the media, signs of Awakening and movement toward a just and more viable life for all are growing. As we focus our spiritual eyes and ears on this, as we listen to our heart's inner Voice of Love, we are blessed, we are peace-keepers. For, Love speaks in the hearts of those who become silent in order to LISTEN.

Only those who listen can speak authentically

The more faithfully you listen to the voice within you, the better you will hear what is sounding outside. And only those who listen can speak authentically.

~ Dag Hammarskjold

A listening heart is always open

A listening heart is always open, sensitive to the joy and pain of others, offering a space within itself for the other to enter. It gives each person what is so badly needed – an affirmation of their place in this world.

~ Eliszer Shore

If we think we hear, we no longer listen

If we think we hear,
we no longer listen.
If we think we see,
we no longer look.
If we think we know,
we no longer search.

~ Anonymous

Pain is a messenger, a strange winged visitor that asks us to pay attention and listen

Twenty-five years of listening to stories of pain in individuals' lives have taught me many important lessons. Perhaps the most important is the art of listening. If I reduce the pain I hear to a static moment or try to freeze it with my understanding, then I interrupt a process which always has a deeper meaning embedded within it. Pain is a messenger, a strange winged visitor that asks us to pay attention and listen beyond our usual preoccupations and concerns.

~ from NAVIGATING THE TIDES OF CHANGE by David La Chapelle

Listening to silence is hardest of all

Listen to old stones for information about survival. What a seashell has to say will surprise you. So, too, will words written on the wind. Listening to silence is hardest of all. You want to fill it up with conversation ... distractions ... noise. Resist the impulse. In silence, you can dream great dreams. You can discover your own music. Listening means hearing the voice within you. It never fails to tell you the truth, even if you don't want to hear it.

~ from DANCING MOONS by Nancy Wood

Listening is a lost art that can be gracefully recovered

Listening is a lost art that can be gracefully recovered
in silence and solitude.

~ Robert J. Wicks
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