A person emptier than myself will come along

When Mother Teresa was asked what would happen to her congregation after she had gone, she is said to have responded:

"A person emptier than myself will come along."

The implication here is that the greatness of a person lies in the depth of his or her own self-emptying. Another implication is that what is emptied of oneself will be filled with the self of God. Poverty as a chosen life-style is precisely this:

"To empty oneself of all that one is and has so that all will be at the disposal of the Lord."

~ from CALL TO INTEGRATION by Vadakethala Vineeth

If we would return to God

If we would return to God, and find ourselves in God, we must reverse Adam and Eve's journey, we must go back by the way they came. The path lies through the center of our own soul. Adam and Eve withdrew into themselves from God and then passed through themselves and went forth into creation. We must withdraw ourselves from exterior things, and pass through the center of our souls to find God. We must recover possession of our true selves by liberation from anxiety and fear and inordinate desire.

~ from THE NEW MAN by Thomas Merton
The New Man
By Thomas Merton

A prophet is a mystic in action

Mysticism is about being-with-being: being-with-being in silence, in experience, in awe, in connection making, in non-dualism, and also about being with suffering beings, with the victims of self-hate and oppression.

A prophet is a mystic in action.

~ from THE COSMIC CHRIST by Matthew Fox

April1990 (Vol. III, No. 4)

BLESSINGS to all Friends of Silence in this season of awakening growth, budding trees, rebirth, resurrection. In native American spirituality, Spring is a time of preparation to grow in the proper way toward illumination, wisdom and enlightenment ... a time to ready ourselves to soar as eagles!

Come, Lord!

Come, Lord! Do not smile and say you are already with us. Millions do not know you and to us who do, what is the difference? What is the point of your presence if our lives do no alter? Change our lives, shatter our complacency. Make your word flesh of our flesh, blood of our blood and our life's purpose. Take away the quietness of a clear conscience. Press us uncomfortably. For only thus that other peace is made, your peace.

~ Dom Helder Camara
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