Hope and silence

Silence is the strength of our interior life . . . if we fill our lives with silence, then we will live in hope.

~ by Thomas Merton

Hope is the realization of connectedness of all things

Hope is the realization of the inner connectedness of all things; of your life and your daily activity with the cosmic scheme of things. The awareness of who you are, that you are the self--that gives you hope. Faith and hope stem from the same inner, intuitive realization of who you are, that you are here for a purpose and that nothing on earth can shake that.

~ from "Maitreya's Mission" Vol. II by Benjamin Crème

Those who live in hope

Those who live in hope, dance without music.

~ by George Herbert

Hope is rooted in emptiness

Hope is rooted in emptiness, in poverty, in a waiting that belongs to the pure in heart. Hopeful silence is patient, thirsty, yet withal dynamic, for it desires to become One with God. In this kind of silence of hope lies our strength.

~ by Catherine de Hueck

Hope is what the breath is to our bodies

Hope is essential for us. What the breath is to our physical bodies, hope is to our human spirits.

~ by John R. Claypool

True hope is rooted in a reality beyond ego

True hope is rooted in a Reality beyond ego and illusion. Hope that rises in our hearts is like a buoyant bubble of champagne; for some, it brings tears of relief, while others, may sense a new way to the future that will bring healing to us -- personally, communally, nationally, globally -- to all of Creation. Hope recognizes that many challenges await us on the path, obstacles and possible pitfalls that may delay outcome. In hope we are made new; for it is a sure and steadfast anchor of our soul that enters "the inner shrine behind the curtain," where the Divine Guest abides. So, in the Silence, let us embrace Love and dare to hope: the promise for all of Creation.

~ by Nan Merrill

Hope Is the Forgotten Virtue Set Between Faith and Love

Hope may be the “forgotten” virtue set between faith and love, but it is the essential link between them that enables them both to work at top efficiency.

~ Robert Ellwood

I need a hope

I need a hope . . . a new hope.
A hope that reaches for the stars, and
That does not end in violence or war.
A hope that makes peace on our earth,
That does not create evil in the world.
A hope that finds cures for diseases, and
That does not make people hurt,
In their bodies, in their hearts,
Or most of all, in their spirits.
I need a hope . . .
~ from JOURNEY THROUGH HEARTSONGS by Mattie Stepanek, 10 years old

Those who live in hope

Those who live in hope
dance without music.
~ George Herbert

Hope allows the energy of divine love to drive deep

Hope allows the energy of divine love to drive deep into the human condition—the theological condition usually referred to as “grace.” And at the same time, it allows the yearning, outstretched hands of creation to pierce the heart of God and call forth what can only be expressed in the dimension of the sensible. It is the root oneness and interconnectedness of all things in what Kabir Helminski calls “the electro-magnetic field of love.” And because this field does empirically exist, all those who have deeply loved—”to the root&rdq
~ from LOVE IS STRONGER THAN DEATH by Cynthia Bourgeault
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