The process by which the present creates the future

Hope is the foundation or beginning step of faith and an essential expression of love. It provides the formless general aspiration for that which is higher and better, and then faith fills out the picture with the specific shape that a better self or a better world would take. As the expression of love, it sends that image out to the loved one and to the universe. By hoping you are taking an active part in the process by which the present creates the future.

~ - from THE POWER OF HOPE by Robert Ellwood

A small breath of hope for the world

One Breath

Here, in the silence
And stillness between
I find myself offering
A small breath of hope
For the world.

~ Casey Sayre Boukus

Hope is faith holding out its hand

Hope is faith holding out its hand in the dark.

~ >~ George Iles

Hope in the end is a contradiction of the dominant version of reality

Hope is a human act of commitment to and investment in the future. Hope is an act of human courage that refuses to cherish the present too much or be reduced to despair by present circumstance. Hope is the capacity to relinquish the present for the sake of what is imagined to be a reachable future...

Sureness about God's large resolve...is a summons...Now is the time for yielding justice, for foolish forgiveness, for outrageous generosity, for elaborate hospitality. None of these acts can come from fear, anxiety, or despair. But they are all acts that evoke new futures that the fearful think are impossible. Hope in the end is a contradiction of the dominant version of reality...it is at the root of human well-being, for ourselves as for all our would-be neighbors.

~ Walter Brueggemann in Sojourners Magazine, Dec 2013

The human capacity for change

I see in [these] folks the human capacity for change, for redemption, for forgiveness. I believe that every one of us, made in God's image as we are, has that capacity. Our challenge is to learn to call it forth in each person. Our hope is that we will succeed.

~ Shelley Douglass in Sojourners Magazine, Dec 2013

Make tender, Lord, my heart

How shall the mighty river
reach the tiny seed?
See it rise silently
to the sun's yearning,
sail from a winter's cloud
flake after silent flake
piling up layer upon layer
until the thaw of spring
to meet the seedling's need.

Make tender, Lord, my heart:
release through gentleness
Thine own tremendous power
hid in the snowflake's art.

~ Antoinette Adam

Hope is based on relationships

Above all, hope is based on relationships, on a collaborative connection with people as well as a higher power.

~ Louise Danielle Palmer

Leaning into the light

There are simply no answers to some of the great pressing questions. You continue to live them out, making your life a worthy expression of leaning into the light.

~ Barry Lopez in ARCTIC DREAMS

Suddenly an influx of light

Suddenly an influx of light, though it was late, filled my room. I looked out and saw that the pond was already calm and full of hope as on a summer evening, though the ice was dissolved but yesterday. There seemed to be some intelligence in the pond which responded to the unseen serenity in a distant horizon.

~ Thoreau

Hope is always waiting

Look deeply into your life.
Search out the hidden things
within your circumstances.
The beauty is there.
Comfort and forgiveness are available.
Hope is always waiting
for you to find.

~ from William Martin in THE SAGE'S TAO TE CHING
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