I am challenged to strengthen my soul through forgiveness

When I feel betrayed by someone, instead of sulking, clinging to my resentment and playing the role of victim, I am challenged to strengthen my soul through forgiveness. By forgiving the person who hurt me, I strengthen my soul... And each time we are called upon to forgive, we nourish our souls and learn more about who we are and what we have to share in this world.

~ John Gray in HANDBOOK OF THE SOUL by Joan Borysenko

True forgiveness always has a sacrificial character

True forgiveness always has a sacrificial character. It can never have a passive character. For we do not simply make a decision to "forget" the wrong or injustice that has been perpetrated upon us but, in addition, we take upon ourselves an inner obligation to MAKE AMENDS for the objective harm which evil action has wrought not only upon us but also upon the world. In true forgiveness we willingly, out of complete inner freedom, take upon ourselves an inner obligation to give the world as much compassion, love, and goodness as the evil action has objectively taken away from it.

~ from THE HIDDEN SIGNIFICANCE OF FORGIVENESS by Prokofieff with thanks to Elaine Laforet

When two persons want reconciliation through forgiveness

When two persons want reconciliation through forgiveness, the whole cosmos is involved, and the energy springing from forgiveness is released for other forms of service. Forgiveness makes possible a deeper communion than that which existed before. One can begin to see another reason why forgiveness is important. Its importance is on the scale of evolution and it springs from the Creator of evolution. It invariably releases love, and love is the energy of creation.


Faithful creator, You are the source

Faithful creator, You are the source and resource of all purposed and created life. In an attitude of gratitude I accept your encouragement to learn what it means to be authentically human and make peace with my own humanity, so that I can accept a sacredness of other beings. With thanksgiving I accept the spiritual, ethical and moral responsibility for my own inner healing and joy. I embrace the mystery of healthy loving relationships as I learn to be an agent of change, reason and tenderness upon the earth that is an outpouring of your love for all life. I accept your help so that I may learn to live honorably in covenant community, lifting my voice in care, over criticism. Amen.

~ Adei-Mai Morningstar Grenpastures

To live without forgiveness

To live without forgiveness is to live separated from the sacred and from the most basic instincts of our heart. To live with forgiveness is to reveal in each moment the beauty and value of life. To live with forgiveness is to choose in each moment an active role in creating relationships, organizations, communities, and a world that works for everyone.

~ from FORGIVENESS by Robin Casarjian

Forgiveness means to give up resentment against

Forgiveness means "to give up resentment against". When we give up our resentment against another person, we are consciously choosing to not allow that person to exercise the power to make us angry. Forgiveness acknowledges that we are ultimately responsible for the world we create and how we feel about it... Through forgiveness we encounter the frail essence of the other ... this creates fertile ground where miracles occur, where avowed enemies join hands as friends.

~ from LAW AND THE HEART by Merit Bennett

Confessions were always followed by immediate forgiveness

Part of my bedtime routine when I was a child was to say my prayers with my parents and then confess any wrong I had done during the day. Sometimes I made my parents sad, and myself, too, but my confessions were always followed by immediate forgiveness, by assurances of love, the love of my parents, the love of God. I am grateful for the teaching given me by my parents, because it grounded me in an awareness of God's all-embracing love.

~ from THE ROCK THAT IS HIGHER by Madeleine L'Engle

Moral breathing

In our time the impulses of evil have become so powerful throughout earthly evolution that inner powers reaching far beyond what is ordinarily called good or moral will have to be found if humankind is to be able to cope with them. What is so particularly -- and immediately -- necessary in this connection is the mastering of that spiritual process which has been defined as "moral breathing", the beginning of which is forgiveness.

We can forgive! Everyone can forgive what lies within them to forgive. We can forget what ought to be forgotten instead of rummaging about amongst old injustices. We could draw a line beneath all the old that wear us down and which we are not in a position to get to the bottom of. We can hold fast to the idea that what is fruitful is alone true. We must be able to work together again, in harmony and without excluding the people we do not like ... out of love for humankind, for the whole of erring humanity.

~ Segei O. Prokofieff

Forgiveness is essentially openness of heart

When we condemn, we create a world of condemnation for ourselves, and we attract the condemnation of others; when we cling to an offense, we are clinging to precisely what separates us from our own fulfillment. Letting go means not only releasing the person who has wronged us, but releasing ourselves. A place opens up inside us where that person is always welcome, and where we can always meet again face to face... We receive exactly what we give. The more openhearted we are, the more we can experience the whole universe as God's grace. Forgiveness is essentially openness of heart. It is an attitude, not an action.

~ from THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JESUS by Stephen Mitchell
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