Find the light in each other

Invite the Sacred to participate in your joy in little things, as well as in your agony over the great ones. There are as many miracles to be seen through a microscope as through a telescope. Start with the little things seen through a magnifying glass of wonder, and just as a magnifying glass can focus the sunlight into a burning beam that can set a leaf aflame, so can your focused wonder set you ablaze with insight. Find the light in each other and just fan it.

~ Alice O. Howell

The inner fire

The inner fire is the most important thing humankind possesses.

~ Edith Sodergran

The tiny flickering light in our hearts

As the flames of all the lamps of the Festival of Lights celebration burn brightly and reach upward through the entire night, they show the possibility that, with the removal of darkness, grossness, and ignorance, the tiny flickering light in our hearts can also shine brightly, illuminating the whole universe. May we see all progress speedily to the highest levels of spirituality–from darkness to light, and beyond.

~ from "A Hidden Illumination" by M. M.. Schneerson in Parabola 5, 2001

May the blessing of light be on you

May the blessing of light be on you,
light outside, light inside.
May the blessed sunlight shine upon you
and warm your heart till it glows
like a great fire, so that the stranger
may be warmed at it, as well as the friend.
And may the light shine upon your eyes
like a candle set in the window,
bidding the wanderer in out of the storm.

~ traditional Kenyan prayer

February 2002 (Vol. XV, No. 1)

Winter: q quieting time to rest in the warmth of our heart's hearth. BLESSINGS TO ALL as we enter another new year, another new beginning to awaken ever more fully to Divine Loe at work in and through us. Each one of us is in need of true inspiration ... to have the indwelling FIRE reignited so that we can live with enthusiasm: a passion for Life, purpose, and jouy. FIRE: the Falme of Love that inspires the aspirations of our hearts!

What sets us on fire?

If we don't know in the depths of our being that God calls us "beloved," we need to. And if we do know it, and it hasn't set us on fire, then we don't know it well enough. Take time daily to be alone and silent before God. And an awareness of your utter belovedness will become a reality for you.

~ by Jan Orel

The world has little by little caught fire

Throughout my life, by means of my life, the world has little by little caught fire in my sight, until a flame all around me, it has become almost luminous from within. Such has been my experience in contact with the Earth. The diaphany of the divine at the heart of the universe on fire ... a fire capable of penetrating everywhere, and gradually spreading everywhere.
~ from HEART OF THE MATTER by Teilhard de Chardin
The Heart of Matter
By Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

How to grow in being

As you develop spiritually, with increased sensitivity, you become more aware of God's creativity and ceaseless bounty. You value order, for you realize that this makes for harmony, and harmony is the keynote of the universe. You value time. Hours spent visiting someone are Love-filled hours. Above all, you value those most precious moments of the day when you withdraw from activity and experience contact with the Divine Fire of Love: source of all. When this is the most important thing in your life then you are indeed growing in being.
~ from GROWTH INTO BEING by Margaret Holmes
Growth into Being
By Margaret Holmes
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