Death has the potential to deepen the bonds of love

The death of those whom we love and who love us opens up the possibility of a new, more radical communion, a new intimacy, a new belonging to each other. If love is stronger than death, then death has the potential to deepen and strengthen the bonds of love.

It is only when we have died that our spirits can completely reveal themselves. The spirit of love, once freed from our mortal bodies. will blow where it will, even when few will hear its coming and going.

~ from BECOMING THE BELOVED by Henry Nouwen

October 2005 (Vol. XVIII, No. 9)

"Is there enough Silence for the Word to be heard?"

Autumn blessings, dear friends! We are all united in the natural seasons of birth, life, and physical death. Learning to die daily to all that is notmovement toward wholeness and holiness while choosing each day to love more deeply and authentically helps enable us to be birthed with grace and serenity of soul into the Unseen Realm of Love, where a new and vibrant Life awaits us. Delving into the Silence regularly, we will discover new insights to lead us toward a peace-filled heart and gracious living.

The death of anyone close to us is always a form of salutation

The death of anyone close to us is always a form of salutation, a simultaneous good-bye to their physical presence and a deep hello to a more intimate imaginal relationship now beginning to form in their absence.

~ from CROSSING THE UNKNOWN SEA by David Whyte

I know I'll never not be with her again

On this rainy and interior day, as I write letters about Mummy, I feel her presence so strongly. Just now, I can feel her sending her love to me. Suddenly, I see and feel her standing there, just a couple yards in front of me by the window, looking younger, and yet every age and no age. She's all in white, radiating light, smiling her smile, and love is pouring out of her eyes onto me, covering me. Ifeel my heart pounding, a ringing in my ears. I find it hard to breathe. It is overwhelming ... I know now she'll always be with me and, though it makes me sad to think I can't be with her in person anymore, I know I'll never not be with her again.

~ frin ANOTHER KIND OF LIFE by Joan B. Brady

Remember that you will die

The heart of most spiritual practice is simply this -- remember:

Remember who you love.
Remember what is sacred.
Remember what is true.
Remember that you will die, and that this day is a gift.
Remembver how you wish to life.

~ by Wayne Muller

Death is the flow from silence and love

Death is the flow from silence and love to deeper silence and greater love.

~ by Paul Marechal

Is there are right time to die?

Often we hear, "Is there a right time to die?" Of course there is: when one has been invited back home. When the Universal is waiting. The Light will invite you. The Doorway will open. You will know this with either your senses or your intuition or both. You will look outward ata the world and experience a sense of peace that only the opened Doorway and the Light can provide.

~ from THE MIRACLE by Michael Gurian

We die to many parts of ourselves

We die to many parts of ourselves, and the quality of each of these dying processes determiners the vitality of each rebith. It seem sto me that between heaven and earth there is just the slightest, most permeable membrane, and dthat it is possible to live in both realms simultaneously, at least some of the time. The conjunction of the two dimensions that we so loosely call death and birth is equally permeable. Each courageous end is also the finest and most pure beginning. To journey into that great unknown is the human-making pilgrimage, a gradual return to the image and likeness of God.

~ from "The Last Note" by Therese Schroeder Sheker

Death is the consummation of the work of grace

"Perfect love casts out fear." It is not be thinking ourselve sright that we cease to fear. It is simply by loving, and abandoning ourselves to the One whom we love without returning to self. That is what makes death sweet and precious. When we are dead to ourselves, the death of the body is only the consummation of the work of grace.

~ by Francois Fenelon

The dying need us to go as far as we can with them

Modern life does not give us the experiences that might enlarge our vision. It hardly occurs to us that the living can have anything to say to the dying, or that the dying have anything to communicate to the living. We think that the dying are beyond our reach as they lie there, unable ot speak or respond in any way, but we are wrong. They can still hear what is said to them, even in what seems like deep unconsciousness; they can still be aware of touch... The dying need us to go as far as we can with them on the journey

~ from LET EVENING COME by Mary C. Morrison
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