To live a creative life

To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.

~ Joseph Chilton Pearce

Into this Dark we pray to come

Into this Dark, beyond all light, we pray to come and, unseeing and unknowing, to see and to know the One that is beyond seeing and beyond knowing...That is to do as sculptors do, drawing the statue latent there...and displaying the beauty hidden there.

~ Denis the Areopagite

Creativity reflects our uniqueness

Creativity reflects our uniqueness and infuses energy and spirit into life. Creativity plays with the possible and when we are being creative we feel fully alive and vibrant, celebrants at the liturgy of life.

~ from RISE UP WITH A LISTENING HEART, The Monks of New Skete

All things speak to me

All things speak to me.
Now this color, now that shape.
Now the clear call of the loon.
The forest sees me coming
And each tree says, "Look at me.
See, I reveal the Beautiful." . . .

~ from FROM THE CENTER by Robert J. Hope

Creativity is being in the world soulfully

Creativity is, foremost, being in the world soulfully, for the only thing we truly make, whether in the arts, in culture, or at home, is soul.
~ Thomas Moore

Whatever you choose, you will create

Once a reporter asked Einstein, "What is the most important question in the world?" He replied, "The most important question in the world is, do you want a peaceful, happy, abundant world in which to live, or do you want a foreboding, fearful, and scarce world?"

The reporter slightly puzzled, asked, "Why is this the most important question in the world?"

Einstein replied, "Because whatever you choose, you will create."

~ from THE LIGHT SHALL SET YOU FREE by Norma Milanovich & Shirley McCune

March 2013 (Vol. XXVI, No. 3)

Greetings, dear friends! In many parts of the country, this is the season we begin to see tiny miracles of creation becoming visible: little tips of green as the early spring bulbs push up through the ground, tender green buds bursting from bare branches of trees . . . and we begin to feel creative stirrings in our souls right along with nature. How do we experience those stirrings? What exactly is creativity? As we go into silence with the questions and feelings we may have, we remember that we are called to be co-creators with the Divine. We don't need to paint a masterpiece, or write a best-seller, though for some that happens. What we do need are ways to express our own, personal, unique creative yearnings. Listen carefully, dear friends: the answers will begin to flow, and we will begin to bloom right along with those spring flowers!

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Unless we are creators we are not fully alive

Unless we are creators, we are not fully alive . . . Remember, the root word of humble and human is the same: humus: earth. We are dust. We are created; it is God who made us and not we ourselves. But we were made to be co-creators with our maker.

~ from WALKING ON WATER by Madeleine L'Engle

Colleagues and co-creators with God

We are not victims. We are not guests. You and I are colleagues and co-creators with God—living in the midst of ongoing creation and called upon to celebrate everything that is.

~ from RETURN OF THE WOLF by Martin Bell

Flood with divine creativity

Reality is permeated, indeed flooded, with divine creativity, nourishment, and care.

~ from CONFLICT, HOLINESS, AND POLITICS by Marcus J. Borg, thanks to Liz Stewart
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