Who can master beauty

I was taught that I had to 'master' subjects. But who can 'master' beauty, or peace, or joy?

Boredom is the runway of creativity

Boredom is — yes, the runway of creativity. That's the way I tell my youngest, if she ever says it. I'm like, "Great! You're bored! That means you're a little uncomfortable. And you know what? This incredible, creative world is right at the edge of that uncomfortableness," because it inevitably happens that you'll have to create your own sense of creativity...

...Your mind is in its most supple, creative state when it's off leash...we need to create more space off leash. And even now, when I step in the shower, I think, don't turn on the news, don't turn on anything, and just take a shower, because that's why you have your best ideas when you're in the shower or doing dishes or taking a walk. And we've just filled every waking moment with stimulation and input, and you need time to digest and create new thoughts...and figure out how you think about it and how it integrates to your larger narrative and — it's just such a great thing, to create that space to think.

~ Tiffany Shlain from "Living the Questions" podcast interview with Krista Tippett

Creation is lifework

Creation is lifework, creation is spend your life, you cannot divide life and the creation, it's impossible.
~ Yohji Yamamoto

The willow

"Scrape the willow until it sings..."
~ Julia Parker, Coast Miwok-Kashaya Pomo basket weaver

Standing silent in the sun

Sometimes I wish I could photosynthesize so that just by being, just by shimmering at the meadow's edge or floating lazily on a pond, I could be doing the work of the world while standing silent in the sun.
~ Robin Wall Kimmerer in BRAIDING SWEETGRASS

Serious play

Serious art is born from serious play.
~ Julia Cameron in THE ARTIST'S WAY

To live a creative life

To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.
~ Joseph Chilton Pearce
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