If Only You Could See Your Face Through My Eyes

If only you could see your face through my eyes,you would realize how beautiful you are

~ Rumi

There Is a Way to Smile Through Your Eyes

There is a way to smile through your eyes: to see the beauty behind the appearance of things. Imagine looking at a person who is forlorn and broken and has a bad self-image, and seeing the hidden beauty in that person. When you smile, that person sees their beauty through your eyes. Imagine the gift you are offering that person... A silent, gentle gift of love.

~ V. Inayat Khan

She Is From God's World -- A Direct Disciple.

She is from God’s world -- a direct disciple, I think, sent down to brighten our lives and teach us of higher things. To me she is beauty itself—the word came after her presence. Each time she smiles, I can only cry, and I think of something I read about the sadness of beauty: just to find it is not hard, but to bear it, that is impossible. If she were totally aware of the beauty she was creating, she would stop in awe of herself. She somehow makes life so much more than it is.

~ from WINTER SEASON by Tony Bentley

Hear Creation Sing

Hear creation sing
As your heart slowly opens
Towards inner beauty.

~ Alaysinta

The Most Wholesome Beauty is Virtue-Beauty

The most wholesome beauty is virtue-beauty, the beauty of the soul-emergence into the whole of life, producing a whole person. Virtue-beauty is centered in mortal and immortal goodness shining forth upon the countenance, the movements of the body, and the expression of the individual. The deep, sweet memories of a beloved face, of a beloved deed, passed on from a pure soul, leave the underlying mark of good which all yearn and hope for.

The lamp of grace keeps alive virtue-beauty.
~ from GALAXY GATE: the Holy Universe by Colton and Murro

June 2007 (Vol. XX, No. 6)

"Is there enough Silence for the Word to be heard?"

May BLESSINGS OF BEAUTY abound in your life, dear friends ... the simple beauty of a kind, random act of sharing ... the gentle beauty of early morning dew defining a spider's web ... the beauty of communal meditation in the Silence ... the terrible beauty of a great loving response to disaster ... the sacred beauty of unity in diversity ... the wondrous beauty of our Earth home from outer space. Pondering Beauty's gifts in the Silence can evoke a deeper appreciation of Her presence in your life. As Evelyn Underhill put it, "Beauty is reality seen with the eyes of Love. "

Life is about finding the beauty inside oneself, and offering it to the world

I believe that life is about finding the beauty inside oneself, and offering it to the world. I want to live a simple life of integrity and beauty; to live and work from the stillpoint, from the silence. I seek peace with myself, I want to be a person of thought rather than words. More than anything else, I am being asked to walk with slowness, thoughtfulness. Slowness invites an awareness of beauty.

~ from "Heron Dance," Issue 34, Rod McIver, artist

The world is a mirror of infinite beauty, yet no one sees it

The world is a mirror of infinite beauty,
yet no one sees it.
It is a Temple of majesty,
yet no one regards it.
It is a region of Light and Peace,
did not humans disquiet it.
It is the Paradise of God,
the place of Angels,
and the Gate of Heaven.

~ from CENTURIES OF MEDITATIONS by Thomas Traherne
Centuries of Meditations
By Thomas Traherne

God as our mother recognizes the beauty within all the broken and discarded parts of ourselves

One of my mother's most amazing characteristics is the way she has always valued and created beauty, even at a time in her life when such valuing seemed to threaten survival. In this, I know my mother to be the image of God. Not only has God created all things beautiful from nothing; this is no more than we would expect. In those country barns, my mother recognized broken pieces of furniture for what they were and she paid for their re-creation by going hungry. In the same way, God as our mother recognizes the beauty within all the broken and discarded parts of ourselves ...

~ from MEMORIES OF GOD by Roberta C. Bondi

By their truth and their beauty we recall our heavenly origin

Exiled on earth as we are, unless we are able to content ourselves with that shadow of Paradise that is Virgin Nature, we must create for ourselves surroundings which, by their truth and their beauty recall our heavenly origin and thereby also awaken our hope.

~ Frithjof Schuon
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