Angels accompany us in all we do

Angels accompany us in all we do throughout our life . . Be mindful of their gifts.

~ Anonymous

No sooner had I fallen asleep than I saw standing a maiden dressed in a long white gown

No sooner had I fallen asleep than I saw standing a maiden dressed in a long white gown and modestly girded. On her head, in hooded fashion, was a white scarf which was so thin and transparent that through it I could see her face, which shone with heavenly beauty. She stood before me, tender, affectionate and loving, and although with downcast eyes, she would at times humbly and kindly look at me. With such a vision, I awoke.

My attraction to her was not sensuous, but somehow pure, devoted and unutterably comforting, since my soul sensed that this was not an earthly maiden, but some heavenly being, the very embodiment of purity and charity.

~ from ELDER ZOSIMA by Very Verbovsky

December 2003 (Vol. XVI, No. 11)

GREETINGS, dear friends! Have you thanked your angel recently? In our silences, may we ask to awaken to the angelic presences who protect and guide us throughout our lives, who delight in our conscious choice to learn to companion with them daily in the Service of Love.

When we call upon angels

When we call upon angels to be with us, we tap into an infinite resource of good will. It is as if we plug into the magnetic core of the earth to keep ourselves centered. Archangels represent the God-center of the universe; they draw nourishment from Its infinite supply. The only impediments to connecting with this energy are doubt and cynicism. If we can recognize these as they arise in our minds and find appropriate cubby holes in which to keep them in reserve for the times when they are useful, we can instantly benefit from the sense of angelic presence.

~ from GOD IS A VERB by David A. Cooper

How angels show their love for God

Angels show their love for God through their service of other creatures, just as we are enjoined to show our love for God by serving one another. Angels make God's goodness concrete, both in this life and in the life to come.  

~ from THAT YOUR JOY MAY BE COMPLETE by George Maloney

Divine encounters with angels

Many people have shared stories about divine encounters with angels in which they received profound guidance, comfort, or instructions on how to proceed with their lives. And many people describe angelic interventions in which they are given a warning about something or someone in their lives . . . Without a doubt we are surrounded by our angels, invisible beings of light who guide us through the mysteries of our lives.

~ from SACRED CONTRACTS by Caroline Myss

St. Mary of the Angels

There is a church in Umbria, Little Portion, already old eight hundred years ago. Abandoned and in disrepair, it was called St. Mary of the Angels, for it was known to be the haunt of angels. Often at night the country people could hear angels singing there.

What was it like, to listen to the angels, to hear those mountain-fresh, those simple voices, poured out of the bare stones of Little Portion in hymns of joy? No one has told us. Perhaps its needs another language that we have still to learn, an altogether different language.

~ Anne Porter

When guardian angels come

I didn't know what courage was until I met Harriet Tubman. And I'm telling you I studied hard something fierce 'cause I wanted to know the source of that courage. I asked her once and she said, "It ain't me. It couldn't be. I've got a guardian angel, that's what I have. They come when you think of others more'n yourself. They come like bees to honey."

~ from "Interlude: Harriet Tubman" in NAVIGATING THE TIDES OF CHANGE

Case for the angels to rejoice

In everything we do, in every aspect of our lives, in our thinking and our feelings, all areas, we need to infuse those areas with the Light of God. If we do that, we will experience a wonderful sense of joy. This quality is valued by the angels because it is so very special when humanity uses its free will to replace the energy of darkness with the Light of God, especially out of love. Each time a person does this in his or her own life, it is cause for the angels to rejoice.

~ from A MESSAGE FOR HUMANITY by K. Martin-Kuri

To love for the sake of loving

To love for the sake of being loved is human,
yet to love for the sake of loving is angelic.

~ Alphonse de LaMartine
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