Cementing and grouting the seven angels

As James Maxton cemented and grouted the seven angels, he underwent a spiritual transformation. A diabetic, coming off drugs, James suffered pain and swelling in his feet. He could only work three hours a day. Once every hour, he would limp back to his house and bathe his feet in ice. It wasn't until he completed the icons that James saw the beauty of what he had created. "I got all choked up," he says. "For me it was a spiritual awakening, just looking at them, seeing the people all around looking at the angels, too. I like to say I was reborn in that garden. It was my personal resurrection."

~ Sharon Abercrombie in "EarthLight" #49

We are the warp and Angels the weft

Life is a tapestry: We are the warp; angels, the weft; God, the weaver. Only the Weaver sees the whole design.

~ Quoted in THE ANGELS' LITTLE INSTRUCTION BOOK by Eileen Elias Freeman

On Thee the Angels look

On Thee the Angels look and are at peace; that is why they have perfect bliss. They never can lose their blessedness, for they never can lose Thee. They have no anxiety, no misgivings -- because they love the Creator.

~ from MEDITATIONS AND DEVOTIONS by John Henry Newman

We all have angels watching us

We all have angels watching us . . .
What will bring their help?
Asking . . Giving thanks.

~ by Sophy Burnham

To evoke angels

To evoke angels . . . we need only to live in quiet expectation of their presence and attune ourselves to their heedings. . . . From time to time, angels conceive and bring about serendipitous experiences and events in our lives to remind us that we are continually in God's care and that we are part of a divinely ordered universe.

~ from THE MANY FACES OF ANGELS by Harvey Humann

December 2007 (Vol. XX, No. 11)

"Is there enough Silence for the Word to be heard?"

In this season of celebration, may angelic blessings be yours, dear friends. Living with an awareness of their companioning presence, even if only with trust to begin with, we come to realize angelic joy is working with us, surprising us, and reminding us that we are loved beyond measure. Limit not the myriad ways your angelic companions may knock on the door of your heart. Spending time in the Silence draws them nigh. And you might ask, "When was the last time I thanked my angels?"

To study angels is to shed light on ourselves

To study angels is to shed light on ourselves, especially those aspects of ourselves that have been put down in our secularized civilizations, our secularized educational systems, and even our secularized worship system. By secularization, I mean anything that sucks the awe out of things.

~ from THE PHYSICS OF ANGELS by Matthew Fox

The Angel of Earth embraces the seed

Life always begins again.
The Angel of Earth embraces the seed
And gives unto it Life.
The kiss of the Angel of Water
Awakens the seed.
The warmth of the Angel of Sun
Makes the seed grow.
The little plant bends in the breeze–
The Angel of Air makes it grow strong.
The little plant is holy.
It bathes in the Lifestream
Of Eternal Order.

~ from Thanksgiving Psalms of the Dead Sea Scrolls

Loving angels everywhere

Loving angels everywhere
in smiles we give ... in words we share
in gentle hearts of those who care.

~ Anonymous

an Angel so sumptuous, so fresh, so like a flower and at the same time so firm

I was walking in the open air on a beautiful spring morning. The wheat was growing green, the birds were singing, the dew was sparkling, the smoke rising; a transfiguring light lay over everything; this was only a tiny fragment of Earth – and yet the idea seemed to me not only beautiful, but also so true and obvious that she was an Angel – an Angel so sumptuous, so fresh, so like a flower and at the same time so firm and so composed, who was moving through the sky.

~ Gustav Fechner
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