July-August 1995 (Vol. VIII, No. 7)

BLESSINGS, beloved friends! May you find time these summer days to dive within your own heart, and there, to discover the Mystery and to listen for the Voice of the Silence. For, you are the sanctuaries of the Living Spirit!

The place of power

This is called the Temple of Silence, the Place of Power; for when we reach the place of silence in mind, we have reached the place of power -- the place where all is one, the one power -- God... Only as we turn from the without to the silence of the within can we hope to make conscious union with God... God does not speak so much in the fire, the earthquake, or the great wind, as in the still, small voice -- the still, small voice deep in our own souls.


I found my inner silence

I found my inner silence, the silence that emanates from the center of the self. I felt it for the first time as something perceptible and real... I felt all shining like a mirror. I had the sense of eternity in space and time. I felt "washed" and clean, whole and at the same time without boundaries, as if universal life had entered me and my heart was beating in unison with its rhythm. But most of all I knew that this was more than just a state of mind. It was a way of living and being and of relating to others.

~ from IN WHAT WE MAY BE by Piero Ferrucci

What lies within us

What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what is within out into the world, miracles happen.

~ Henry David Thoreau

To realize that we are one with the Creator

To realize that we are one with the Creator, as Beethoven did, is a wonderful and awe-inspiring experience. Very few human beings ever come into that realization and that is why there are so few great composers or creative geniuses in any line of human endeavor. I always contemplate all this before commencing to compose... Spirit is the creative energy of the Cosmos. Our soul is not conscious of its power until it is enlightened by the Spirit. Therefore, to evolve and grow, we must learn how to use and develop our own soul forces... The real genius draws on the Infinite Source of Wisdom and Power.

~ from TALKS WITH GREAT COMPOSERS by Arthur M. Abell with thanks to Ray Berry

With each day we become more true to ourselves

The shift to spiritual dependency is a gradual one... With each day we become more true to ourselves, more open to the positive. To our surprise, this seems to be working in our human relationships. We find we are able to tell more of our truth, hear more of other people's truth, and encompass a far more kindly attitude toward both... Dependence on the creator within is really freedom from all other dependencies.

~ from THE ARTIST'S WAY by Julia Cameron

The lessons of humility and surrender

Each day, I remind myself that we are not here to control the environment, but to learn the lessons of humility and surrender. When I am capable of that, my life takes on a wholly different meaning. I no longer feel so small and separate. It is as though I am being held by a power that is both infinitely great and infinitely tender. My love does not exist in isolation; rather it is supported and enriched by my love for this world. This kind of trust is not something of our own creation; it comes to us in a moment of extraordinary grace.

~ from A PASSION FOR THIS EARTH by Valerie Andrews

Become like the river

We come to a clear, shallow river in the forest. It is quiet here except for singing birds and the sound of the moving water. Don Adrian speaks:

For many sons you have walked across the lands of my ancestors, and in all your experiences, you have seen how everything has two sides, just like this river. To see life in terms of good and bad limits our ability to create and be whole. Embracing polarity is necessary to bring about creation. Like the river, we could not exist without polarity. Were it not for darkness, would we still seek the light? Were is not for shade, would we not get burned? Find the gift that each side has to offer. Let those gifts be married within you. Free yourself of judgment. Become like the river.


You met yourself

Have you ever, as a small child, wandered farther from home than you meant to or were aware of until you found yourself in a place where you had never been before? All at once you realize that YOU are in this strange place. Stock still, not breathing so you can listen, you stare at grey rocks with whorls of lichen on them like faces, tree-roots like snakes, the tress themselves heavy with leaves and silent. Your heart comes into your throat. Quietly, very quietly, you get back onto the path, then you take to your toes for all you are worth. This may have been the first experience of panic fear ... but you met someone there: you met yourself.

~ from "Landscape Inside" by Neil Gunn in A CELEBRATION OF THE LIGHT by John Burns

The who, the how, the why of me

Along the way I stop to see
If I can find the why of me
The "who am I" that's deep inside
The real me that tries to hide
But out I peek so you can glimpse
Now and again, just by chance
The curtain slips, defenses down
And for a moment, there I am
The who, the how, the why of me
To all but God, a mystery.

~ Ronna Herman

The inner workings of life

The more deeply one studies the inner workings of life, the more wonderful and expansive they become.

~ Benjamin Franklin

Act within my being

Source of All, act within my being that I may act in accordance with Thine.

~ Unknown