Ancient spirits dance to it

Listen to the silence as it echoes around you,
Ancient spirits dance to it.

~ Amber Coverdale Sumrall

Listening in a deeper way

Walking, I am listening to a deeper way. Suddenly all my ancestors are behind me. Be still, they say. Watch and listen.

~ Linda Hogan, in WALK IN A RELAXED WAY by Joyce Rupp

The way into our human heart

We need only to let God's mysterious and silent presence within us to become more and more what shapes us and everything we do. We need to learn the value of silence, stillness, and quiet because it is the way into our human heart, into our center where God dwells.

~ from an address by Vincent Dwyer thanks to Bill Martin

Sit in meditation, but do not think

Sit in meditation, but do not think. Look only at your mind. You will see thoughts coming into it. Before they can enter, throw these away from your mind until your mind is capable of entire silence.

~ Bhaskar Lele

When practicing mindful meditation we aren't striving to do anything

Mindfulness is an ancient form of meditation in which one pays attention to the present moment and all that's unfolding in that moment, both within and around one. It's known also as conscious living because the person practicing it is forming an aware and intimate relationship with each moment.

When practicing mindful meditation we aren't striving to do anything, we aren't grasping, struggling, thinking, expecting, or wanting but simply letting whatever is there be there and paying attention to it in a non-judgmental way. We come to terms with reality as it is, bringing all our awareness to it, breathing with it, attending it.


Our nothingness and helplessness

Our meditation should begin with the realization of our NOTHINGNESS AND HELPLESSNESS in the presence of God... "Finding our heart" and recovering this awareness of our inmost identity implies the recognition that our external, everyday self is to a great extent a mask and a fabrication. It is not our true self. And, indeed, our true self is not easy to find. IT IS HIDDEN IN OBSCURITY AND "NOTHINGNESS" at the center where we are in direct dependence on God.

~ from CONTEMPLATIVE PRAYER by Thomas Merton


in between
the woodpecker's tat tats...

~ Tom Clausen

If compassion never ceases to flow, then that is meditation

If compassion never ceases to flow, then that is meditation. Meditation is not just sitting in the lotus position with eyes closed. Real meditation exists in the midst of the dynamic activity of life.

~ Dae Haeng Se Nim

The primary act in sacrament as well as in meditation is that of reception

The primary act in sacrament as well as in meditation is that of reception, listening to what is said and intended and opening ourselves to its divine dimensions. Meditative listening requires silence...Never to meditate on God's self-giving without recalling this self-giving to all ("the least of you") is the precondition for avoiding a cleft between my meditation and my daily work in this world.

~ Hans Urs von Balthasar

Walking mindfully on the Earth

Walking mindfully on the Earth can restore our peace and harmony, and it can restore the Earth's peace and harmony as well. We are children of the Earth. We rely on her for our happiness, and she relies on us also. When we practice walking meditation beautifully, we massage the Earth with our feet and plant seeds of joy and happiness with each step.

~from THE LONG ROAD TURNS TO JOY by Thich Nhat Hanh
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