The life of the simple

The spiritually mature affirm the value of hiddenness for those who wish to grow in love. To experience the hidden loving Companion Presence brings the greatest joy. This is the life of the simple ... the life of everyday. In the silent, hidden growth from acorn to oak can be seen the mystery and fulness of life. A seed is planted and forgotten. And suddenly one day the plant is there. Only in such hiddeness do miracles of growth occur. The same is true for the spiritual life. The Spirit plants the seed of divine union within the soul. For years this seed may be forgotten. Then one day, imperceptibly yet with determination, it will start to grow. Growth is such a quiet thing.

~ from APPROACHING THE SACRED by Susan Annette Muto
Approaching the Sacred: An Introduction to Spiritual Reading
By Susan Annette Muto, Adrian van Kaam

The center of our union with God

The center of our union with God is on a deeper level than mind or intellect. It is in the very center of existence, which could be called the will-to-God. This will is a silent faculty; it does not think, speak, remember or form images ... To know the will of God, we have only to remain silent, remain in the still center which, automatically, without a single thought, is the present acceptance of the present moment, and what we are at the moment ... The secret of the unitive life is the graced ability to live in this passive silence of our will running into God's will, a silence which is always here and now, and always one with God. The truest communication with God is absolute, total silence; there is not a single word in existence that can convey this communication.

~ from THE PATH TO NO-SELF: LIFE AT THE CENTER by Bernadette Roberts with thanks to Maureen McAullif

Silence is the strength of our interior life

Silence is the strength of our interior life. If we fill our lives with silence, then we live in hope.

~ Thomas Merton with thanks to Susan Bower
No Man Is an Island
By Thomas Merton

My name is not I Was

I was regretting the past and fearing the future. Suddenly You were speaking:

"My name is I am." You paused. I waited.

You continued. "When you live in the past, with its mistakes and regrets, it is hard. I am not there. My name is not I Was." 

"When you live in the future, with its problems and fears, it is hard. I am not there. My name is not I Will Be."

"When you live in this moment, it is not hard. I am here."

"My name is I Am."

~ Helen Mallicoat

January 1993 (Vol. VI, No. 1)

GREETINGS and BLESSINGS to you in this new year ... a good time to reflect on where we have been in our hearts and the road we would aim to travel in these coming months ... and, perhaps, the time for a new prayer of the heart.

May we listen for what cannot be heard

May we listen for what cannot be heard and search for what cannot be seen.
~ Unknown

We need quiet time in the presence of God

We need quiet time in the presence of God. Although we want to make all our time time for God, we will never succeed if we do not reserve a specific and consistent amount of time to listen in the Silence. This asks for much discipline and risk-taking, because we often have something more urgent to do and "just sitting there" and "doing nothing" may disturb us more than it helps. But there is no way around this. Being useless and silent in the presence of God belongs to the core of all prayer. In the beginning, we often hear our own unruly inner noises more loudly than God's voice. This is at times very hard to tolerate. But slowly, very slowly, we discover that the silent time makes us quiet and deepens our awareness of ourselves and God. Then, very soon, we start to miss these moments when we are deprived of them, and before we are fully aware of it, an inner momentum has developed that draws us more and more into silence and closer to that still point where God speaks to us.

~ from SEEDS OF HOPE: A HENRI NOUWEN READER ed. Robert Durback

A simple intuition of the truth

Contemplation is the central human act that puts us perceptively and lovingly in touch with the innermost reality of everything because it is a simple intuition of the truth.

~ from THE HUMAN ADVENTURE by William McNamara

The silence of contemplation!

The silence of contemplation! Within each of us lie unknown gulfs of doubt, violence, secret distress ... as well as guilt, of things unacknowledged, so that gaping below our feet we sense an immense void. As we let divine love pray in us, trusting as a child, one day these gulfs will be inhabited. And, one day we shall discover that there has been a revolution in ourselves. With time, contemplation begets a happiness. And, that happiness is the drive behind our struggle for and with all people. It is courage, energy to take risks. It is overflowing gladness.

~ from AWAKENED FROM WITHIN by Br. Roger

The door swung wide

I cried to God,
I beat upon the door
Until my knuckles bled;
God gave me no answer, gave no sign.
"There is no God," I sad.
I stopped my clamor
And lay spent,
A channel at ebb tide,
And slowly in the silence
The door swung wide.

~ "Be Still and Know" by Christina Rainsford
Timeless Moment: Poems
By Christina Rainsford
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