With what vision do I enter the world?

08-18-2013 | Bob Sabath

Reflections on the Day by Stefan Andre Waligur

Today we looked at the creation account in Genesis and compared this with the story of Jesus' resurrection. Out of darkness and chaos comes light and creative call. We asked the question: With what vision do I enter the world? What goodness and beauty do I long to see? We held lightly the question: What is my passion/compassion? We imagined God creating the world with emotion and attitude. We saw Jesus rising from the dead in passion and compassion. All of this and more stirs us to do the work of soul. Where is my passion/compassion leading me?

The story of the sleeping King sparked some beautiful sharing of personal stories. All around the question: What genius, what nobility sleeps within waiting to be awakened?

Yesterday and today's sharing remind me how wisdom often rises in a community. When we listen together, to one another deeply and when we trust each other enough and let our imaginations run in between the words of the text and feel the fires of that imagination ignite our passion, we hear the voice of wisdom. This is a collective wisdom which is in the moment and comes out with Hermetic flashes of insight. We look to one another. We stop looking to the authors, gurus, teachers for a moment and in the moment we become the source. We stop quoting others and we speak from our own story — the wisdom of our soul. We become the Fountain. This has been over the past two days especially a very rewarding, exciting and enriching experience.

Yesterday's sharing around the encounter between Jesus and the Canaanite woman continues to be a source of marvel and amazement as we begin to see Jesus as continually being transfigured before our eyes in the Gospels, a dazzling light becoming brighter before our very eyes. And that growing in wisdom is ours too. This is our experience as we grow older and sage into our lives. What might it mean for us to become the elders/sages in the community? How can we empower the younger generations? How to share leadership? Power? Authority?

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