Awaken Your Spirit to Adventure

08-13-2013 | Bob Sabath

Brief Highlights for the Day by Janie Blakely

Today we looked at the fourth beatitude, "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for Justice." The Beatitudes now begin to move into an active mode. Out of an acceptance of our shared poverty and grief we become more gentle and non-violent . Now we are ready to enter the world. Now we are able to enter the world with a hunger for justice.

We read together two stories from the Gospel of Matthew 15:29f. Jesus sees the hungry crowds. He says, "My heart goes out to the people." What follows is justice. The people receive what they need.

A question for us is:

  • To whom does our heart go out? To what people? What need?
  • What is the hunger and thirst for justice that lives in me?
  • What is the justice I long to see?

In Matthew 9:9f Jesus calls Matthew and enjoys a meal at Matthews's house where he eats with "notorious sinners." Jesus is always eating with people on the outside of the religious circle. He loved being with people and they loved being with him. After the religious leaders challenge Jesus' choice of companions Jesus gives them an assignment: "Go and learn what this means: I desire compassion and not sacrifice." Really good lesson plan.

So we at Pilgrimage of Peace spent a part of this day reflecting on what this choice of compassion over sacrifice might mean for us personally. Perhaps we might as a meditative practice make this a kind of mantra: I desire compassion and not sacrifice. And see what comes up for us.

It is clear that the initiations of the beatitudes are clearing the heart for our work of peace and justice in the world.

More questions:

  • What is the goodness and beauty that I ingest everyday?
  • What is the goodness and beauty that I long to share in this world?

Story shared: Wild Man or Iron John. Our deep connection to nature is essential work in the work of justice in the world.

For a New Beginning
by John O'Donohue

In out-of-the-way places of the heart,
Where your thoughts never think to wander,
This beginning has been quietly forming,
Waiting until you were ready to emerge.

For a long time it has watched your desire,
Feeling the emptiness growing inside you,
Noticing how you willed yourself on,
Still unable to leave what you had outgrown.

It watched you play with the seduction of safety
And the gray promises that sameness whispered,
Heard the waves of turmoil rise and relent,
Wondered would you always live like this.

Then the delight, when your courage kindled,
And out you stepped onto new ground,
Your eyes young again with energy and dream,
A path of plenitude opening before you.

Though your destination is not yet clear
You can trust the promise of this opening;
Unfurl yourself into the grace of beginning
That is at one with your life’s desire.

Awaken your spirit to adventure;
Hold nothing back, learn to find ease in risk;
Soon you will be home in a new rhythm,
For your soul senses the world that awaits you.

Listen to song: Arise My Love.
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Some group reflections: Your beginning is waiting for you, pointing out the sameness that you have outgrown. With courage you step out into new ground, trusting the promise even though your destination is unclear. Awaken your spirit to new adventures.

Morning scripture reflections: Matthew 15: 29-39

Jesus said, "My heart goes out to the people." It is not true that there is no water to quench our thirsty hearts.

Matthew 9: Jesus said, "I desire compassion, not sacrifices." Go and learn. Become a practitioner in compassion.

Matthew 5 -- The Fourth Beatitude: Blessed are those you hunger and thirst for justice. NOW is God’s time for peace to flourish and justice to prevail. We reach out our own hearts to all those whose hearts cry out for justice. Whatever instrument we choose to be -- flute, piano, trombone, tuba, djembe, guitar -- let us be an instrument of peace.

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